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  List of Works

Moshe Zorman has written 120 original works, in all music genres, during 40 years of composition. Among his works are 11 operas, 6 symphonic pieces, 5 concertos, 10 cantatas for choir, soloists and orchestra, about 20 choral works, 5 ballets, 30 chamber music pieces, 8 song cycles and 14 compositions for piano-solo. His works are performed by the best musicians and ensembles in the world, including the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta, mezzo-soprano Ann Sofie von Otter and Israeli Mega-singers such as Chava Alberstein.

His extensive activity in theater, movie and television includes thousands of arrangements, 3 of which have become legends: "I still haven't loved enough" (Yehoram Gaon), "Tchernichovsky's Smile" (Arik Lavi) and "My fair beloved" (Nurit Galron).

Operas and Musical Theatre


Sleepless Ram - Mini Opera for children based on a story by Levin Kipnis, 1995, 15 minutes

Bereshit Tales - A Musical for children, based on the biblical tales from Genesis, for 3 singers and chamber orchestra, 1998, 50 minutes

The Inn of Spirits - Chamber Opera based on a play by Natan Alterman, available also on a disc, 2001, 70 minutes














Shaul - Opera\ Oratoria for children's choir, baritone, tenor and piano based on the biblical story, 2003, 30 minutes

Shaul's Time - Comic Opera, 2007, 60 minutes

The Turn - An Operatic Satire after Lahav and Kafka, 2009, 60 minutes

A Tent in Tel Aviv - An Operatic Satire on texts by Tel Aviv poets and Journalists, 2010, 75 minutes

The Children's King - Opera on the life of author Levin Kipnis, 2013, 90 minutes














A Moonless Night - After Shira Gefen's book, for children choir, Israel Festival 2016, 60 minutes

Albert, chamber orchestra after lifshitz play, Israel Opera Workshop, 2017, 70 minutes.

The Kisses Thieves, after 24 poems by Nava Semel, for Soprano, Baritone and children choir, 2017, 70 minutes.

The Magician of Words, short opera for children, for actor and children choir 2019, 25 minutes.  

"The Children's King" - A Summary of the show, 2013

Concertos for Soloist and Orchestra


Trombone Concerto, chamber version 2018, 18 minutes 

Memories of an old Yemenite Tune - for horn solo and symphony orchestra 
Recorded by Meir Rimon and The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on Crystal Records, 1980, 9.10 minutes

Moods - for horn solo, symphonic orchestra, and electric guitar

Recorded by Meir Rimon and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on Crystal Records, 1981, 7.19 minutes

Vocalise - for trumpet and string ensemble, 1988, 8 minutes

Trombone Odyssey - Concerto for trombone and orchestra (first performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta conducting), 2009, 20 minutes (IMI 7921)

Violin Concerto - Homage to Sasha Argov - (1st performance by the Israel chamber orchestra with Itamar Zorman), 2015, 26 minutes (IMI 8132)
















Horah Dance for Violin and Orechestra - (also available for Accordion and Orechestra), 2016, 5 minutes

Trombone Concerto, chamber version 2018, 18 minutes, 2018

From the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra "Homage to Sasha Argov" - "The Purple Dress", 2015

Symphony Orchestra and Voices

Tel Aviv Pictures - for 4 voices (sop. Alt. tenor. Bass) and chamber orchestra (1,1,1,1,-1,2,1-piano, perc, strings), 1989, 18 minutes
The Internal Ministry Report - for soprano and a chamber orchestra, (commissioned by the Musica-Nova Players), 1992, 10 minutes 
Let There be Light - for chorus and orchestra, 2000, 7 minutes
Do you remember Those Songs? - Cantata for symphonic orchestra, chorus and soloists, 2005, 21 minutes














The Flood - an interactive piece for symphonic orchestra and audience, Commissioned and performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 2000, 10 minutes

From Jerusalem to Rome - Italian Jewish Prayers, choir and orchestra, 2009, 15 minutes

Yeminite Memories - for dancers-singers and symphony orchestra, 2011, 45 minutes

Declaration of Independance - Original state declaration text set to music for soloist, children choir and symphony orchestra, 2013, 30 minutes

His Finest Hour - Homage to Giorgio Perlasca - for tenor and orchestra. Text: Primo Levi, 2014, 19 minutes (IMI 8095)















Desert Sounds - Symphonic poem based on songs by Naomi Shemer, for solo singers and orchestra, 2016, 21 minutes


"Do you remember Those Songs?", Israel Festival, Jerusalem, 2015

"His Finest Hour" presented by the Raanana Symphnet Orchestra, 2014

Symphony Orchestra


Variations for Chamber Orchestra - The winner of the Beer Sheva Orchestra Award, 1983, 20 minutes

Landing Lights - Recorded by The Jerusalem Symphny Orchestra, 1985, 18 minutes

The Earth Stands Forever - For Symphonic Orchestra, (for the Inauguration of Beit Gabriel), 1992, 8 minutes

The Boy Dreams - Symphonic Poem, 1993, 15 minutes

City Lights - Commissioned by the Haifa Symphony Orchestra - 4 urban symphonic poems, 2011, 15 minutes

Galilean Suite - Five Symphonic Pictures (Symphonic and Chamber versions), 2015, 20 minutes














From "Galileam Suite" performed by The Grinich Village Orchestra, NYC, 2013 

Ballets and Dance Music

The Dybbuk - Dance Music for the Bat Sheva Dance Group, Choreography by Rina Yerushalmi, 1977, 10 minutes

Spots of Light - For a narrator and 11 players, Texts by Dalia Rabinovitch, 1975, 10 minutes

Siftach - Dance Music based on Yemenite tunes, for the Inbal Dance Company, 1978, 11 minutes

In Memory of a Soldier - Dance Music for 4 players, commissioned by the Libi foundation, 1993, 10 minutes

Yeminite Memories - for dancers-singers and Symphony Orchestra, 2011, 45 minutes












"Yeminite Memories" - part 2, Performed live in Ramat Gan Theatre, 2011 

Chamber Music with Voice

Blues and Reds - Text by Amir Gilboa, MS, 1975, 10 minutes

Tel Aviv Pictures - For 4 (sop. Alt. tenor. Bass) and chamber ensemble (1, 1, 1, 1, -1, 2, 1-piano, perc, strings), 1989, 18 minutes

The Internal Ministry Report - for soprano and a chamber ensemble, 1992, 10 minutes

An Old Man - A monodrama - for baritone, string qrt. and saxophone, Texts by Avidan, Levin and Amichai, 2000 ,15 minutes

Elections Cabaret - for soprano and ensemble, text by Yoni Lahav, 2006, 4 minutes

The Lady of Shalott - ballad by the English poet Alferd Tennyson, for narrator and ensemble, 2010, 12 minutes

Homage to Shubert - Octet for soprono , string quartet, horn, clarinet and piano. 14 minutes,  for Tel Aviv Schubertiade 2018  

Children Choir

Alone at home - Text by Lea Goldberg, choir a capella SA, 1989, 3 minutes

The Dwarf - Text by Lea Goldberg, 1989, 4 minutes

3 Songs for Uri Text by A.A.Milne, Choir SA a cappella, 1987, 8 minutes (IMI 6740)

Magic Hat - Text by Lea Goldberg, for children's choir and piano, IMI, 1990, 5 minutes

Time for Every Thing - Text by Lea Goldberg, for 3 part children's choir and piano, 1991, 6 minutes

Little Ones - Texts: Oded Burla and Nurit Yuval, Three songs for 4-part children's choir and piano, 1993, 8 minutes (IMI 6968)

Beat the swords into ploughshares - Text: Book of Isaiah and Yehuda Amichai, 1995, 5 minutes

Anat cannot decide - Text by Yehonatan Geffen, 1997, 4 minutes

Shining Light at the End of the Road - Text by Ruth Vital Gilad, for women's choir, 2000, 7 minutes

Our Little Friends - Text by A. Hillel, 2001 , 4 minutes

There are no butterflies here – for children's choir and a recorder ensemble, 2002, 8 minutes

A Moonless Night - A children's Musical, After Shira Gefen's book, for children choir, Israel Festival, 2016, 35 minutes












The Kisses' Stealers - A children's song cycle after Nava Semel's Poems, 2016, 60 minutes

"A Moonless Night" - The Policeman Scene, performed by the Young Efroni Choir, 2015

Mixed Choir


Time - Text: Y. Amichai, for mixed choir, 1995, 5 minutes (IMI 7043)

How Beautiful are your eyes - Lea Goldberg poem, 1992, 4 minutes

Tomorrow - Text: Lea Goldberg, a capella, 1996, 5 minutes

If the angel asks - poem by Haim Nachman Byalik for mixed choir and piano, 2010, 12 minutes

Was it ever or not? - Song cycle of love songs for mixed choir and piano, 2011, 15 minutes

Zion's Love 2016 - Songs of love for Israel, for mixed choir and ensemble, 2016, 15 minutes


Music for Band


A reason to blow - for band, 1987, 10 minutes

Young Night Music - for band, 1988, 10 minutes

Chamber Music


5 pieces for string quartet - 1972, 12 minutes

Striolat - for vl. Cl. Cello, 1980, 6 minutes

5 pieces for violin and viola - 1982, 20 minutes

Rythms - for 5 perc. Players, for the Beer Sheva Conservatory, 1986, 10 minutes

Vocalize - for trumpet and string ensemble, for Ilan Eshed and the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, 1988, 8 minutes

Salon Talks - for Saxophone\flute, and 1 perc., 1989, 10 minutes

Three Miniatures ("The Evaporating Tango") - for guitar, piano, vl, vla, vlc, 1990, 13 minutes

Triangles - for vl. Vlc. Piano, 3 movements - Trio n. 2, 1992, 14 minutes















Raanan - In memory of a Soldier - for Trumpet, Trombone and double Bass, 1993, 10 minutes

Galilian Fantasy - Octet for Accordion, Percussion and String Quartet or Trio - vl. Vle. and Percussion, 1993, 15 minutes

Pianist Nightmare - for three pianos and Tape, 1994, 10 minutes

Pictures for a Married couple's Life - for Picc. and Bassoon, OR-Tav, 1999, 9 minutes

Bubble Bach - for fl. Trp. Gtr. Pno. Double Bass, and Perc., 2000, 8 minutes

Israbach - A Jazz oriented music with Bach Material, for fl. Pno. Contra-Bass and Percussion, 2000, 10 minutes

Hommage to Fritz Kreisler - for Vln ensemble, 2002, 8 minutes (IMI 7440)

String Trio - for vl, vla, vlc, 2004, 10 minutes

Sweet Memory - for recorders ensemble, 2006, 9 minutes

Cartoons - for quartet (piano, saxophone, trumpet, percussion), 2015, 9 minutes

Octet after Schubert, for string quartet, piano, horn and clarinet, with or without soprano, 14 minutes, 2018.

Woodwind Quintet.- in 4 movements,  2020, 22 minutes 

Brass Quintet, Ehad Mi Yodeah, 9 movements in various meters, 2020, 25 minutes, comissinoed by IPO Brass players.  

405 Township Lane, for 3 players: Electric piano, Vibraphone, Bass Clarinet/Bariton sasophone, 2021, 10 minutes. 

Clarinet quintet , for clarinet and string quartet , 23 minutes, 2023 

Triangles - A Trio for violin, cello and piano performed by the Alexander Trio, 2015 

Sonatina for violin and piano - performed by Nitai Zuri and Michal Tal 

Piano + another instrument - Duos


Atoms, Molecules, Macromolecules - for Cello and Piano, 1973, 7 minutes

Cells - for Trombone and Piano, Noga Music, 1977, 6 minutes

A Grizzly's Dream - for Bassoon and Piano,1983, 10 minutes

Wandering - for Flute and Piano,  1985, 9 minutes

Vocalize and Dance - for Bass Clarinet and Piano, 1993, 6 minutes

Hora – for violin and piano, 1994, 4 minutes

Sonatina for violin and piano - 1995, 12 minutes











Dialogue  - for trumpet and piano, 2010, 5 minutes

Sonata for violin and piano, 2019 , 15 minutes 

Songs and Song Cycles for Voice and Piano


Naama - Text by Efraim Zidon, with CHava Alberstein , 1980, 4 minutes















Blues and Reds - Text by A. Gilboa, 1975, 6 minutes

Four Absourd Songs - Texts by Gilboa, Wizltir and Eli Mohar, 1977 – 1980, 12 minutes

2 Children Songs - 1990, 5 minutes

"Kria" - Two songs with Text by S. Shifra, 2000, 5 minutes

Three Longing Songs - Text by Y. Ben David, 2001, 10 minutes

Rachel Song Cycle - 6 Poems by Rachel for Mezzo-Sopran and Piano, 2009, 20 minutes

Tirza Atar - 2 Poems, 2010, 8 minutes

The Kisses' Stealers - A children's song cycle after Nava Semel's Poems, 2016, 60 minutes


Naama - performed by Chava Albrstein, 1980

Piano Solo


Contradictions - 5 pieces for piano, 1981, 10 minutes (IMI 8134)

Yemenite Fantasy –  1981, 4 minutes (IMI 8139)















Canzone - Three Pieces for Piano: Madrigal, Recitative and Aria, 1984, 6 minutes (IMI 8133)

Fascinating Rhythm - after George Gershwin, for the Rubinstein Competition, 1987, 6 minutes

The Blue Shawl (Based on a Russian folk tune) -  1991, 5 minutes (IMI 3142)

Longing – for piano solo, 1994, 4 minutes

3 Character Pieces on Israeli songs - by Sacha Argov, 1994, 9 minutes

Piano Variations - Based on a Naomi Shemer song, 2002, 5 minutes (IMI 8139) 














Sky-Line - 2003, 4 minutes

Hidden Melodies - Piano arrangements of Hebrew songs, for the young player, 2004, 8 minutes (IMI 8143)

Fading Melodies - 3 piano pieces (A fading melody, Longing, Run ma run), 2007, 10 minutes

Tulips - 4 piano pieces (Evergreen, Deep blue, Elusive pink, Yellow energ), 2010, 12 minutes

The High Windows - 5 piano paraphrases on songs by Kraus, 2011 – 2013, 15 minutes (IMI 8141)

Sonata for Sasha - Homage to Sasha Argov, 2014, 18 minutes (IMI 8140)

Yemenite Fantasy performed by Alma Zorman, 2008

Piano Variations performed by Astrith Baltsan, 2007 

Zorman plays Zorman - from the High Windows - A paraphrase to "Ezekiel", 2012 

Artistic Arrangements

"Tchernichovsky's Smile" - performed by Arik Lavi, 1978

Rhapsody of a Jew - performed by Astrith Baltsan and Haifa's Symphonic Orchestra, 1988

"Noa", a-capella arrangement by Moshe Zorman, a gesture for Naomi Shemer, 2007


Selection of Vocal Arrangements

"Terezín" - Songs of writers  killed in the holocaust performed by Anne Sofie von Otter (Deutsche Grammophone),  2007










"I still haven't loved enough" - Naomi Shemer's song performed by Yehoram Gaon,  1980



















"Tchernichovsky's Smile" - Shaul Tchernichovski and Tuvia Shlonsky song with Arik Lavi, 1978

















"My Fair Beloved" - Yaakov Shabtai and Shasha Argov's song, 1977















"The unknown Kurt Weill" - Arr. For voice and ensemble of 5 players

"Love Hora" - Music by Sasha Argov, vocal arrangement

“Somewhere” - From West Side Story, vocal arrangement

"What a beautiful city-spiritual" - Choir with piano arrangement for "Somewhere there is" - Music by Yoni Rechter 

"Look" - by Yoni Rechter, for Ester Ofarim and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra














"Water heater and Antenna" - Music by Sasha Argov, Vocal Arrangement, a-capella 

"Yedidia Admon's song cycle" - for children's choir, and piano arrangements for a cd with Ester Admon 

"The Sixteenth Lamb cycle" - for children's choir and symphonic orchestra 

"Good Days" - choir arrangement, music by Yehudit Ravitz

"Tel Aviv Songs' cycle" - choir arrangement

Because - Vocal arrangment, J. Lenon and P. Mccartney songs

"Dance" - Music by Shlomo Artzi, vocal ensemble and 4 hands' piano arrangement 

"I have no other country" - Children's choir and orchestra songs cycle ( Moran choir and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra)

"Noa" - music by Naomi Shemer, for a-cappela choir













"As the night wanders" - Music by Naomi Shemer, a-capella ensemble 


The High Windows - Shmulik Kraus' songs
















Selection of Instrumental Arrangements

Bartok - Out of Doors for Piano and Duo Percussions

Ben Haim, Toccata for violin and orchestra (arrangement from piano solo by Paul Ben Haim 2018)

Schubert Modern variation for the Trout song for piano quintet

Mendelsson -  Mendelssohn's wedding march and Hassidic tunes, for string quartet

Gershwin -  Rhapsody of a Jew – Gershwin reset for piano and orchestra












 The Kraus Projects - preludes and fugues 

Israeli Songs Cycle - for two pianos (The Eucalyptus Grove by Shemer, When you say No by Sacha Argov, etc.)

 West Side Story Cycle - for two piano and a saxophone after Leonard Bernstein music. 

New Years song cycle - for four Saxophones

Beethoven Goes Beatles - for piano solo

Jazz Variations for saxophone and orchestra - on a theme by Paganini 

"Tomorrow" - for Naomi Shemer - A violin, cello and piano arrangement

"Going on a journey" - music by Naomi Shemer, a flute, violin, piano and voice arrangement

Ladino Songs - Variations for Chamber orchestra, choir and soloists 

The "Toreador" song from Carmen - A soloist and chamber ensemble arrangement

Klezmer Music Arrangement - for clarinetist and symphonic orchestra, for Giora Feidman

"A song is born" - variations for chamber orchestra and piano, based on Yoni Rechter's song 

"Look" - Performed by Ester Ofarim and the Israel Philharmonic, 1998

"Terezin" - performed by Anne Sofie von Otter, 2007

אופרות ומחזות זמר
יצירות סימפוניות ווקאליות
יצירות סימפוניות
מוזיקה לבלט ולמחול
מוזיקה ווקאלית לקול ולאנסמבל קאמרי
מקהלת ילדים
מקהלת מבוגרים מעורבת
תזמורת כלי נשיפה
מוזיקה קאמרית
פסנתר וכלי נוסף
שירים ומחזורי שירים לקול ופסנתר
פסנתר סולו
עיבודים אומנותיים
עוד לא אהבתי די
אהובתי לבנת צוואר
שחקי שחקי

A scene from the Opera "The Inn of Spirits", Tel Aviv Museum, 2010

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